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Set your tummies rumbling.
Bottle and Stone is the new pizza joint in town, and this one promises to be a little unorthodox.


The people behind Welles Street and Earl bring us Bottle and Stone, serving up a simple menu of anything-but-simple pizzas, as well as a rotating selection of wines and crafties, all handpicked by the staff.


It will be the latest addition to the eccentric reinvented workshop space that?s now health and wellbeing complex
The Welder on Welles Street. Bottle and Stone have developed their unique space with a back street grunge vibe ? think wine served in tumblers and pizza on foldable paper plates ? totally fitting for the space?s history as an old panel beater?s storage facility.


But most importantly, the pizza. It?s taglio style, which means it?s cooked in big rectangular dishes, and usually has some toppings cooked on, and others, like salad greens, soft cheese or cured meats, going on fresh after the pizza comes out of the oven. It?s the perfect style for showcasing complex combinations of flavours, and Bottle and Stone?s menu has our mouths watering. The Homage Fromage looks like a top choice, with four cheeses, hot honey and almonds. The Spud Slice sounds like a winner too, with rosemary and garlic potato, whipped ricotta, mozzarella, pecorino and confit garlic. As if that wasn?t enough, you can top it all off with a slice of their house-made tiramisu.

Business Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 12:00pm – 10:00pm