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There are few life-affirming moments that compare to biting into the caramelised layers of a light, flakey, and dizzyingly buttery Morning Bun for the very first time. While there’s certainly a hype around Grizzly’s pimped up croissants (and rightly so, just ask Nigella for her raving review) there’s a whole oven full of reasons why the city can’t get enough of this local bakery.


Rewind to one late night in November 2013, when Sam finally decided to put his obsession with flour and water into play. The next day, box upon box of hand-rolled, boiled and baked bagels were wheeled to the Christchurch Farmers’ Market, and so began Christchurch’s insatiable appetite for Grizzly Baked Goods. The market gig has since boomed into a full-blown business, with a growing team of passionate bakers specialising in artisan sourdough bread, perfectly laminated pastries, donuts exploding with curds and custards, and of course, the OG bagel selection.


Committed to bringing integrity back into the commercial bakery, Grizzly takes the high road to ensure everything that hits the shelves has been given the time and premium ingredients it (and its eater) deserves. The range of full sourdough breads are lovingly created over a slow 36+ hour process using flours and grains from Canterbury suppliers, and the pastries and sandwiches are loaded with high quality produce from small traders in the community.


An emphasis on keeping things seasonal combined with a wicked creative streak means even the longest standing customers are forever surprised by the ingenious techniques and flavour combinations dreamed up at Grizzly HQ. From Lemon Hibiscus Donuts to Fig, Fennel and Walnut Sourdough, be prepared to make some impossible decisions. As well as supplying everyday bread-lovers with their weekly carb fix, Grizzly has become a sought after product for chefs citywide. Each week, boxes of bread are delivered to many of your favourite local cafes, bars and restaurants. If you’re a regular of the best in Christchurch’s hospitality scene, your smashed avo or wine and cheese board will most likely be escorted by rich slices of Grizzly artisan dough.


You’ll still find the family-owned business going strong at the market every Saturday, but it’s no longer just a once-a-week affair. In November 2019, Grizzly joined The Welder, it’s the place for friends and families to gather over beautiful coffee within the urban oasis and maybe fight over that last bite of pastry.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 3.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.30am – 2:30pm